The Yardang Collection

A merino wool fabric supercharged with yak wool for comfort and durability

Supercharging merino wool

Yak wool’s exceptional properties elevate any fabric mix. We decided to prove this by creating a totally brand-new fabric blending merino and yak wool. The result? The Yardang.

Supercharging a merino base with 30% Yak Wool, we have created a strong, breathable hybrid fabric that has a wonderfully soft handle for everyday comfort and provides the yak wool’s exceptional Himalayan-born warmth and breathability.

Merino provides us with the perfect partner. A natural fibre, easy to spin and knit and dye into beautiful colours, it is highly adaptable allowing us to be uniquely creative with our mid-layer collection.

Products: *Men's Xenolith Yak & Merino Wool Mountain Sweater 2.0 *Men's Xenolith Sweater 1.0 *Women's Xenolith Sweater 1.0 *Men's Terrane Yak & Merino Wool Hiking Shirt

The Yardang Collection: our mid layers featuring premium yak wool

The Yardang Collection

You can see all of the pieces from The Yardang Collection of yak wool mid layers here.

Hima-Layer™ Yardang Mid Layers

Merino & Yak, natural partners

Merino and Yak Wool are IDEAL partners, sharing many properties. Both are:

- EXOTHERMIC, meaning you stay warm even when the wool is wet

- Naturally wicking, helping you stay DRY as moisture is transported away from your body

- naturally ODOUR-RESISTANT, so there is less need for washing items

- are SOFT because their fibres are super-fine and thin

- are WARM because the fibres trap air thereby providing insulation

- are BREATHABLE as warm air passes through the fabric quickly so you stay cool.