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Why is Yak Wool so good?

Yak wool is hollow, so air is trapped within the individual fibres. It is also fine, so air is trapped in between the fabric too. When spun into fabric, it offers an unrivalled combination of warmth and breathability, comfort and durability. It is also able to keep the body cooler when the temperature rises and its natural moisture wicking properties mean it dries quickly. It is also naturally odour resistant, so you can wear it for multiple days without needing to wash it. All of these benefits mean our fabrics make great activewear for use in different conditions.

Why do you use other wools and fabrics?

Yak wool is rare speciality fibre and is found exclusively in some of the more remote and inhospitable places on Earth. Being in shorter supply than other wools, makes it considerably more expensive. Combining it with merino wool means we get the best of both worlds by enhancing the resilience and durability of our pieces. By adding other eco-friendly technical fabrics, we increase the functionality of our collections and we ensure that they are fit for purpose. For example, we improve the wicking and quick dry abilities of our light-weight pieces and we add extra weather protection to our mid-layers.

What is the difference between your five collections?

Three collections are designed to be worn next to the skin:

  • Neema: our lightweight activewear/base layers combining 40% Superfine Merino, 40% Coolmax Polyester with 20% Premium Yak Wool
  • Shola: the world’s first (and still the only) performance base layers collection made with 100% Premium Yak Wool. We will not restock Shola, so this is only available whilst stocks last.
  • Yushu: Our next-generation base layers combining 60% Premium Yak Wool with 40% Superfine Merino in order to improve durability.

Two collections are mid-layers:

  • Stratam: Created to layer over our base layers, Stratam mid-layers have been designed for warmth and comfort and offer exceptional breathability using a mix of 56% Premium Yak Wool, 42% DuPont™ Sorona® and 2% Elastane.
  • Yardang: 30% Premium Yak Wool is used to supercharge merino as a super soft lightweight mid-layer.

Can I machine wash my kora?

Yes. We recommend placing garments into a washing bag and using a cool wash cycle, 30C. Please check the care instructions on each garment before washing.

What is the difference between a M’s Xenolith Sweater 1.0 and a M’s Xenolith Sweater 2.0?

The M's Xenolith Sweater 1.0 is the original design, while the M's Xenolith Sweater 2.0 is the updated version. These pieces are identical save for a couple of minor alterations:

 -The logo placement and size is different. On 2.0 the logo is reduced to the mountain symbol and moved to the left chest location.

 - 2.0 features pad printing of the care instructions inside the collar, instead of sewn-in woven labels.

Other than this, the fabrics, cut, weight and fit are all identical. Both versions are ideal as mountain sweaters due to the combination of our Hima-Layer™ Yardang fabric with the Polartec® Alpha® insulation.

Can you help me to find the right item for my needs?

We would love to help! Please email us at hello@koraoutdoor.com.

Placing an Order

Can I check out as a guest?

We do not require customers to set up an account, although by doing so you will be able to login to see your order history.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay using a Visa, Mastercard or American Express card or via PayPal.

What is the shipping cost?

You can see a full list of shipping costs here.


What is your returns policy?

Please read our Returns Policy here.

How can I return an item?

If you would like to return an item please contact hello@koraoutdoor.com

Do I need to pay import tax and duty?

We calculate taxes on your order according to your shipping destination and will itemise them on your order confirmation. If you’re placing orders from outside the European Union, you’re responsible for paying any import duty and tax that may apply to your order. You’re also responsible for checking if there any other local customs regulations that may apply to your order. We recommend checking with your local customs authority before you buy.

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