We are committed to researching and using new environmentally friendly fibres within our products to make them better for you and our world

Ensuring a steady supply of yak wool for our activewear is an ongoing challenge. Yaks produce ultra-soft wool to keep them warm in harsh winters at 4,500m and with global warming creating product uncertainty (the yaks are producing less fine wool) and an instability in global logistics and shipping, access to our raw materials is becoming more complex.

When we played with adding wool from merino sheep with our hero wool from the yaks, we came across a magic formula which has become the basis of our current range. The result is fabric that has strength, warmth and softness with an incredible warmth to weight ratio. It is easy to knit, super lofty and light.

Our wool activewear collections offer yak and merino wool blends in different weights from lightweight to heavy.

Alongside yak wool and merino, we strategically incorporate technical fabrics and finishes into products to make them the most superior option available, without compromising our environmental values. Our current partners include; Natulon mechanically recycled zips, Polartec® Alpha® (a high tech alternative to down and fleece), Dupont Sorona® (an eco-friendly biodegradable polymer) and Coolmax® Eco (a recycled polyester).

We are committed to going the extra mile to develop new fabric and product solutions to further improve your performance and control your core body temperature in varying environments, enabling you to go higher, further and longer in comfort.