Yak Wool 101

Why choose yak wool?

Yak wool is hollow, allowing for air within the fibre to increase insulation. It is also very fine, trapping air between the multiple fibres to keep you warm.

Yak wool is flexible, which means it is comfortable against your skin since the fibres adapt to your movement.

A looser knit allows for better air flow and moisture management, keeping you cooler in warmer weather and drier too.

These natural properties allow for lightweight fabrics to perform incredibly well in a variety of conditions.

What makes yak wool so special?

Yaks have evolved their fine super-wool in order survive and thrive in the high-altitude Himalayas.

At 4,000-6,000m altitude they face cold temperatures and the threat of adverse weather on a daily basis. Their fine layer of inner wool protects them and enables them to cope with the harsh winter months.

Our independent research shows that, weight-for-weight, pure yak wool fabric is 40% warmer, 66% more breathable and 17% faster at transporting moisture away from the skin than a pure merino wool fabric.

That's why we use yak wool as a hero ingredient, and by combining both wools with other specialist eco-friendly ingredients we have maximised the effectiveness of our pieces.

How does yak wool help?

Just like merino wool, yak wool is naturally odour-resistant, while its softness has been compared to cashmere.

Its natural properties help with temperature regulation and the less energy you use to stay warm or cool down, the more you can dedicate to movement.