The Yushu Collection

Yak and merino wool base layers with reinforcements in high-wear areas

Essential wool base layers for men and women

We have created an ultra-breathable fabric that has a wonderfully soft handle for everyday skin-fit comfort and provides yak wool’s exceptional Himalayan-born warmth.

Our Hima-Layer™ Yushu fabric is knitted out of 60% premium Yak wool with 40% superfine Merino and comes in at 240 grams per square metre.

All styles come in black and feature corespun merino textile (a nylon yarn wrapped in merino) to increase durability in high-wear areas such as the crotch and the under-arm. All seams are crafted with overlock and triple step zig-zag stitching ensuring a completely flat yet ultra-strong finish.

Each item is finished at the cuff with a coloured woven tape inspired by the colours of prayer flags and the terrain of the Himalayas, making your Yushu unique to you.

Products: *Men's Yushu LS Crew *Men's Yushu LS Zip *Men's Yushu Bottoms *Men's Yushu Base Layer Shorts *Women's Yushu LS Crew *Women's Yushu LS Zip *Women's Yushu Bottoms

The Yushu Collection: our warmest featuring high yak wool content

The Yushu Collection

You can see all of the pieces from the Yushu Collection of yak and merino wool base layers here.

Hima-Layer™ Yushu Base Layers

Merino & Yak, natural partners

Merino and Yak Wool are IDEAL partners, sharing many properties. Both are:

- EXOTHERMIC, meaning you stay warm even when the wool is wet

- Naturally wicking, helping you stay DRY as moisture is transported away from your body

- naturally ODOUR-RESISTANT, so there is less need for washing items

- are SOFT because their fibres are super-fine and thin

- are WARM because the fibres trap air thereby providing insulation

- are BREATHABLE as warm air passes through the fabric quickly so you stay cool.