Collection: Xenolith Mountain Sweater 2.0

Insulating mid layer made using a hero combination of ethically sourced Himalayan yak wool with merino and Polartec® Alpha® inside - a hi-tech recycled poly developed for the U.S. Special Forces.

Xenolith Mountain Sweater 2.0

Why we made it

"I live for adventure and challenge, exploring the unknown, no matter what the conditions, but I couldn't find a mountain sweater that delivered what I was looking for. I wanted something breathable that was naturally antibacterial and naturally odour resistant, a warm layer that could perform in a variety of conditions, stay comfortable and still look good. So we designed the Xenolith Sweater."

kora founder, Michael Kleinwort

Technical credentials

Mountain weather is changeable. In chilly conditions you need insulation, but when you’re exerting yourself and your body temperature rises, you need high-performance clothing that responds efficiently. The Xenolith Mountain Sweater 2.0, made from yak and merino wool, is a warm mid layer with added insulation, that is also breathable.

Our Hima-Layer™ Yardang fabric blends 30% premium yak wool with 70% superfine merino. In addition, we have added Polartec® Alpha® to the interior, a hi-tech recycled insulating poly alternative to down and fleece insulation.

Now enhanced for even greater comfort, the Xenolith Mountain Sweater 2.0 is an insulating technical mid layer inspired by traditional alpine guide sweaters and reimagined for the modern mountain adventurer. With an ergonomic fit ensuring freedom of movement, it helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature at all altitudes.

Introducing a high performance layer

Polartec® Alpha® was invented for the U.S. special forces. They required a superior insulation system for extreme temperature variations and the start-stop conditions of combat. Alpha® active insulation is engineered for consistent warmth, while allowing greater breathability during activity.

This air exchange technology creates sustained comfort without shedding layers, which isn’t an option during a mission - and we have incorporated a layer of Polartec® Alpha® into the Xenolith Mountain Sweater 2.0 for exactly the same reason.


Our commitment

Like all kora products, the Xenolith collection backs kora’s mission of supporting the livelihoods of Nomadic yak herders on the Tibetan plateau. The yak wool is sourced and collected by the Kegawa Herders' Cooperative, a collective of more than 90 families in the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. By sourcing yak wool directly from Himalayan plateau nomads, kora not only ensures the exceptional quality of its fabrics but also contributes directly to supporting the way of life of its Tibetan nomad partners.