The best layers for skiing

When it comes to embarking on a day’s skiing on the mountain, your kit matters. Extreme external temperatures and quickly changing weather conditions demand versatile kit with innovative technical fabrics. It also means combining ski base layers with ski mid layers to guarantee optimum performance. Here’s how…

Photo courtesy of @andreainalaska and @boulderingbiology

Understanding layering

kora has spent years developing and honing technical fabrics to ensure you can experience optimum comfort and high-level performance from every item, but did you know by layering your kora collection, there are further technical benefits? Wearing strategic layers of garments can help keep our skin dry, our body heat in, and the elements out.

A ski base layer for men and women should include a vest, short or long sleeve top, bottoms or shorts, worn next to your skin. The purpose of this critical layer is to keep your skin dry - and therefore warm - when you exert yourself and begin to sweat. A base layer should be breathable, transporting moisture vapor away from your skin. It should also ‘wick‘ perspiration from the surface of your skin.

A ski mid layer needs to provide insulation - trapping body heat in and keeping cold air out. In extreme cold, you might opt for two or more mid layers – perhaps a wool sweater over a wool base layer - followed by a ski jacket.

Our base layers and mid-layers are designed to go together. A good base layer next to the skin is the best way to regulate your temperature, and when coupled with a versatile mid-layer you are ready for a whole range of different conditions, no matter how extreme.

Photo courtesy of @andreainalaska and @boulderingbiology

Best combinations for ski layers

The best skiing base layer is our Yushu collection. This range provides exceptional warmth, softness and breathability with added corespun panels to ramp up strength and durability in high-wear areas. We have engineered Hima-Layer™ Yushu fabric to bring together the strengths of Yak Wool and Merino.  We have paired superfine Merino (18.5 micron certified mulesing-free), with our super-soft premium Himalayan-sourced yak wool to create our most exciting base layer fabric to date. Our Yushu designs are long in the body to ensure that tops don’t ride up and the Yushu Collection is designed as ‘skin-fit’.

M's Xenolith 2.0 in epidote green, M's Yardang Jersey in copper orange and W's Yushu LS Zip in black

The best mid layers for skiing are the Yardang Jersey, Xenolith Sweater and Stratam Sweater. Bringing everything together that we love about yak and merino wools, the Yardang Jersey is brilliantly versatile to layer up; it fits snuggly over our base layers, whilst its lightness ensures you can fit a jacket easily over the top. 

The Xenolith Sweater is an insulating technical mid-layer inspired by traditional alpine guide sweaters and reimagined for the modern mountain adventurer. Ideal as a ski mid layer for men and women, this mid layer is both warm and moisture wicking. Made with our Hima-Layer™ Yardang fabric, a Merino-Yak wool blend, the Xenolith is designed to help you maintain a comfortable body temperature during intense exercise on the mountain. We’ve added recycled Polartec® Alpha® - a hi-tech alternative to down and fleece insulation - in the body and at the top of the sleeves to enhance the wool’s natural warmth and breathability.

Our Stratam Long Sleeve Sweater combines the superior thermal properties of Yak Wool with a durable and eco friendly Dupont™ Sorona® biopolymer for a smooth external surface. The inside is all super-soft premium yak wool, ensuring warmth and comfort. This innovative mid layer provides exceptional breathability, moisture management properties and a comfortable fit.

We live for adventure, for exploring new paths and for challenging ourselves on the mountain. We know you do too and our innovative fabrics enable you to appreciate your day on the mountain without concern.

When making the Yushu Collection we strived to make the best base layer for skiing you can buy.