Why our Xenolith Mountain Sweater is your secret weapon against the cold

We have created the newest version of our much loved Xenolith Mountain Sweater in four new Himalayan inspired colours.

The Xenolith Yak & Merino Wool Mountain Sweater 2.0 in Slate (as worn by the female model in Small) and Black (male, who wears a Medium)

The Xenolith Mountain Sweater 2.0 is an insulating technical mid layer inspired by traditional alpine guide sweaters and reimagined for the modern mountain adventurer. Its exterior is made from our exclusive Hima-Layer™ Yardang fabric, a blend of 70% premium yak wool and 30% superfine merino, but what really sets it apart is the extra layer of insulation, designed to keep heat in. The secret to its extra warmth is the interior layer of Polartec® Alpha® - a hi-tech recycled poly which is a premium alternative to down and fleece insulation - in fact it has been proven to outperform both.

It's the combination of these two main ingredients that makes the Xenolith Mountain Sweater unique; it is incredibly warm but still breathable, meaning it is as comfortable to wear outside in cold conditions as it is indoors.

Invented for the U.S. special forces, Polartec® Alpha® active insulation is engineered for consistent warmth and combining it with our exclusive Hima-Layer™ Yardang fabric allows greater breathability.

Our Xenolith Mountain Sweater has long been a favourite of mountain and expedition lovers due to its warmth-to-weight properties making this a very welcome addition to any winter kit wardrobe. If it's warmth and versatility you need, this is your ultimate mid layer.

  • Helps you maintain an optimal body temperature during exercise on and off the mountain
  • Allows the body to breathe
  • Lightweight with an ergonomic fit, allowing freedom of movement

The Men's Xenolith Mountain Sweater 2.0 has been popular in Epidote Green and Steatite Grey and we have added four new natural colours - Stone, Slate, Deep Purple and Black.

What's more it is also now available for women for the first time. The Women's Xenolith Mountain Sweater 2.0 has an improved fit as we have added in "princess seams" in order to more closely follow a woman's shape and a small inside zip up pocket that follows the main zip seam for discreetness.

Models are wearing Slate (Small), Deep Purple (Medium) and Stone (Small).

The Xenolith Mountain Sweater 2.0 is purposefully unassuming but packed with well considered features, all designed to increase comfort:

  • Thumb loops to warm hands and to aid with layering
  • Flat seams to reduce rubbing when wearing a backpack
  • Extra long zip for added optional ventilation
  • Discreet woven branding and pad print label to avoid potential neck irritation
  • Small inside zip pocket

A cut of kora's signature tag tape on the sleeve adds a unique touch to each item

Is there such a thing as a mid layer that’s as warm as a puffy but breathable enough to keep you comfortable even in heated indoor environments or during high-exertion activities? Until I started wearing the kora Xenolith Mountain Sweater, I’d have told you no. But now I barely take the thing off.

Polartec Alpha lofts up like down, trapping heat and wicking moisture. Because it's synthetic, it stays warm when wet. You might think the Alpha liner would make the back a little sweaty while schlepping a load in warmer temps. It's actually thinner than the double wool layered in front.

What elevates it to the top of our list is the fabric; a yak-merino wool blend. Yak wool is uber fine and has a hollow core, making it soft to the touch while boosting warmth (air, trapped in the wool's hollow core, has fantastic insulative properties). The Xenolith is spun with a merino blend. The result is plush and surprisingly stout. The labelling is discreet, and the stitching is appropriately positioned.

Awesome. Everything kora claims is true. It’s magically warm and the moisture management is superb. I spent two hours XC skiing today in 15°F with light wind and light snow... I have a ton of merino (which I love) and can feel the difference in the wicking performance.

Joel (customer)

Thumb loops increase comfort and flat seams are designed to prevent rubbing when wearing a backpack, and there is an extra long mechanically recycled YKK zip for ventilation

Small interior pockets at different zip orientations to better fit the cut: men's are horizontal (left) and the women's zip follows the seam (right).

Now enhanced for even greater comfort, the Xenolith Yak & Merino Wool Mountain Sweater 2.0 is an insulating technical mid layer inspired by traditional alpine guide sweaters and reimagined for the modern mountain adventurer. It prioritises warmth without compromising on breathability and is available for men and women.