Our Founder's Kit List for Winter Rides

As the temperature starts to drop, kora's founder and avid year round cyclist Michael Kleinwort shares with us his kit list for long winter rides.

Be prepared for changes to the temperature throughout the day; the cold starts mean you need to be wrapped up warm, but it's easy to overheat as the day goes on. A rain jacket and shoe covers can prove vital and nutrition is key.


Bont Vaypor S shoes

Since switching to Bont I am hooked on them. The full carbon undersole hugs the foot really well and the wide toe bed means the toes can sit naturally in the shoe – essential for long hours in the saddle.


Castelli RoS Shoecovers

Breathable yet weather resistant. I don’t like my feet to suffocate or overheat when riding in cold weather. These allow the foot to breathe but give sufficient wind and water protection. It’s a difficult balance to strike.



I’ve been using the S7s for years and at least 40,000kms. No other brand comes close in terms of comfort. These long versions are essential in cold weather. I don’t get cold legs generally but these keep the wind chill off.


Sealskinz Waterproof Weather Reflective Cycle glove

I often ride at 1000ms altitude in the shoulder months and winter. There is nothing worse than trying to change gears with frozen fingers. These have done the trick in the Southern Alps in January and the Swiss Alps in February where the temperature was below freezing at the start, and the windchill well below that on the descents.


Yushu LS Crew and new Neck Gaiter

The warmth and wicking abilities work a treat on long rides. I find it vital to feel dry even when I am working hard on a climb. The fabric does this job perfectly. The yak and merino wool neck gaiter gives extra warmth at the start of the ride and can act a mouth/nose cover when the weather closes in and on long descents. When the sun comes out I’ll take it off and stuff in a rear pocket. The Yushu Crew is a perfect cycling base layer when it's cold.


Men’s Stratam Touring Jacket

This pieces breathes so well and manages moisture so easily that I have ridden it on days when the temperature has gone from freezing to 15oC without needing to unzip it. It’s a bit of a hidden gem of our range. And it works well off the bike too. Rear pockets have tonnes of space for bananas, bars and spares needed for long rides.


Yushu Hat

The best thing about the Yushu Hat is that you forget you’re wearing it. Helmet compatible, thin and easily covers the ears. It’s the warmth, softness and breathability of the Hima-Layer™ Yushu fabric that makes this hat so brilliant.



Nuun tablets, lemon lime

Easy on the stomach, and refreshing taste.


Torq bar - Organic Juicy Mango

Great pickmeup 2hours in. Offers a quick boost of energy without overloading the gut.


Factor 02 Disc

Been riding a Factor 02 for three years now. Phenomenal bikes that can do everything. Alpine climbs, crit races, pan flat peloton rides… this bike is fast, light and has a geometry to attack descents with confidence. I can’t wait to try out the disc brakes on my next trip to Europe.  


You can stay up to date on Michael’s latest adventures on his Instagram or Strava.