Introducing our new bamboo base layer collection

Sustainable, skin-friendly and UPF-50+ protection in one

We are excited to introduce our latest base layer collection, developed for sensitive skin types. kora's bamboo base layers are designed to enhance your outdoor adventures with comfort, sustainability, and sun protection.

Crafted with 90% (Forest Stewardship Council) FSC-certified Bamboo for the softest of next-to-skin feels, as well as breathability and moisture wicking, and  10% spandex for an exceptional body fit, our newest  base layer range offers eco-friendliness,  all day wearability, and UV protection. kora Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and comes in a choice of six all new Himalaya inspired colours.

With a certified UPF-50, these base layers offer enhanced sun protection, shielding your skin from the damaging effects of the sun while you enjoy your favourite activities.

Sustainability at Its Core

We love biodegradable materials and our goal is to work with low impact responsible supply chains, which is why we have chosen FSC-certified bamboo as the primary material for our latest base layer collection. Bamboo is renowned for its fast growth and minimal environmental impact, making it an ideal choice for conscious consumers. With FSC certification, we ensure that the bamboo used in this collection comes from responsibly managed plantations, promoting forest conservation and the well-being of local communities.

kora bamboo base layers come in long sleeve, short sleeve crew neck tops and bottoms in six fabulous colours

Unparalleled Comfort and Flexibility

Our  base layers have been carefully designed to provide maximum comfort  throughout your day. kora Bamboo has exceptional stretch, allowing you to move freely and comfortably. The  fabric is wonderfully soft, gently hugging your body and allowing you unrestricted mobility when you're out hiking, at yoga, or on your morning run. kora Bamboo  will also keep you cool in the heat, making it the ideal lighter layer for longer summer days. 

Men's Bamboo LS Crew and Women's Bamboo LS Crew in ecru, Bottoms in soft black and deep purple

Sun-Safe and Stylish

Protecting  your skin from harmful UV rays is paramount, especially during outdoor adventures. Our base layers have undergone rigorous testing to ensure  their UV protective properties. With a certified UPF-50+ rating, these base  layers offer enhanced sun protection, shielding your skin from the  damaging effects of the sun.  kora Bamboo is breathable and cool on the skin, so you stay comfortable even under the midday sun.

Men's Bamboo SS Crew in deep purple

Versatility Meets Sustainability

Our base layer collection is not only functional but versatile.  Designed to be worn as standalone pieces or layered under your favourite shirt, sweater or jacket, these base layers adapt to your needs. Whether you're out on the trail, engaging in sports, or running errands, our collection effortlessly  blends style and performance while keeping sustainability at its core.

kora bamboo base layers are available in six colours: Deep Purple, Cerise Red, Dusty Blue, Earth Green, Ecru and Soft Black

Embrace the beauty of FSC-certified bamboo and experience the incredible comfort of our new bamboo base layer collection.