Our fabric and product innovation

Why yak wool?

We live for adventure, for exploring new paths and for taking chances with the unknown. In looking for fabric to create clothing for our own personal expeditions we just couldn’t find what we were looking for. It took many years of playing with yak wool, experimenting with fabrics and vigorous testing in the field to understand that yak wool, when knitted into fabric, has an unrivalled combination of warmth and breathability, comfort and durability. So we went ahead and created it.

Yak wool +

Ensuring a steady supply of yak wool for our active wear is our new challenge. The Yaks produce ultra-soft wool to keep them warm in harsh winters at 4,500m / 15,000ft and with global warming a real and present threat, in the last few years the yaks themselves are producing less of the wool that we need. The prices are increasing and access to the raw material is becoming more complex. This led us back to our workshop where we found a magic formula in combining the wool from merino sheep with our hero wool from the yaks. The result was a fabric that had strength, warmth and softness and incredible weight to warmth ratios. It was easy to knit, super lofty and light. Our wool activewear collections now offer yak and merino wool blends in different weights from ultra-light to heavy, as well as our original 100% yak wool fabric.

Innovation at kora

Whether you’re climbing a Himalayan peak, hiking the Appalachian Trail or ripping first tracks in Whistler-Blackcomb, we want you to feel free to focus on the path ahead. Our yak wool clothes are designed for maximum comfort and ease of movement, so you can perform, at your best in unpredictable weather conditions and challenging environments. Oh and we add a touch of style, just because.

Our clean, elegant aesthetic is understated and versatile: it’ll see you through days on the mountain, weekend getaways and après-ski. Back-to-back if necessary.

Our impeccable thought process, borne from years on the mountain, ensures intelligent design throughout every piece. From thumb loops at the right angle, phone pockets sitting away from backpack straps, reinforced stitching in high wear areas and 100% super soft yak wool on the inside of collars, we have thought of everything to ensure your comfort and performance when doing the things you love. Read more about our collections here.

Design and test team

The importance of community is not just for our herders and nomads on the plains. At kora we believe the best results come from sharing experiences and knowledge and turning the best bits of that into something exciting and original.

Our kora fabrics and base and mid layer pieces are meticulously discussed, designed, crafted and produced. Each seam placement and use of stitch has a reason and every piece is scrutinised for fit and function. When our pieces are ready, they are tested by the best adventurers adventurers who have with us on our kora journey for over 10 years.