kora’s guide to base layers

We believe we have made the best natural base layers in the world. Why? Because we have used the best ingredients: yak wool, merino and bamboo to create the warmest, most comfortable and versatile base layers. They are naturally durable, breathable, moisture wicking and supersoft next to the skin.

  • Temperature

    Natural fabrics can do a much better job of regulating your body temperature than synthetics. Yak wool offers unrivalled warmth to weight, and all of our fabrics will help prevent you from overheating in warmer conditions too.

  • Fabric preference

    The yak wool we source is of the highest quality and it's in short supply. Merino wool is reknowned for being super-soft and for those who prefer non-wool clothing we have developed plant based fabrics including bamboo.

  • Activity intensity

    Our lightweight Neema yak and merino wool blend layers are great for higher intensity activities, whilst Yushu base layers and our range of mid layers really come into their own in colder conditions. Bamboo feels great in warmer weather.

  • Packability

    Our wool fabrics offer unrivalled warmth to weight and as they are naturally moisture wicking they can be worn for several days at a time before washing. By layering you can have a range of options in your backpack, great for variable conditions.

Gym & yoga

  • Wool

    Our heritage is in producing high quality activewear from our exclusive wool fabrics. We source yak wool directly from the nomad tribes on the Himalayan plateau before combining it with other wools and technologies.

  • Plant

    There are numerous benefits of using plant based fabrics such as bamboo. It feels great next to the skin, insulates in the winter, works well in warmer weather and is naturally breathable and moisture wicking.

Every kora piece supports Tibetan nomad families

When you buy a piece of kora clothing, you contribute directly to nomadic Tibetan families, helping them to earn vital revenue that supports their life on the grasslands of the Himalayan plateau.