kora Bamboo is available in six colours

Skin friendly bamboo offers performance sustainability and UPF-50+ protection

The result of rigorous research and product development, our eco-friendly bamboo fabric uses Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) certified bamboo as the foundation. kora Bamboo is a mid-weight fabric that is incredibly soft, durable and breathable and naturally wicks away sweat to keep the body cooler as temperatures rise.

kora Bamboo layers are a versatile choice for everyday use, easily transitioning between activities and climates and the fabric provides a second skin feel that hugs your body and moves with you.

For those with sensitive skin, bamboo is a soft material and an ideal plant-based alternative to wool. And they have undergone rigorous testing to confirm the protective properties, offering enhanced sun protection while you enjoy outdoor activities. 

Naturally cooling, skin friendly and certified UPF-50


Our collection of bamboo base layers is the result of many years' work. Constructed using eco-friendly Forest Stewardship Council (FCS)-certified bamboo as the foundation, we've added a touch of spandex for the right amount of stretch and comfort.

The collection features ultra-strong seams which lie completely flat, making them perfect for wearing whilst travelling or carrying a backpack.

kora Bamboo offers the ideal plant-based first layer solution to pair with one of our mens wool mid layers and womens wool mid layers.

We believe we have made the best base layers you can buy

Born in the Himalayas

Our heritage lies in the Himalayas, where we have pioneered innovative fabrics using the unique natural properties offered by yak wool. The secret lies in their high-altitude habitat, which means they produce super-fine, hollow wool.

Our range has expanded to include other ingredients such as merino and bamboo so we are able to offer alternative technical fabrics, always focussing on offering outdoor adventurers an unsurpassed level of comfort next to the skin. You can read more about our bamboo layers here.

Natural base layers

Natural wool base layers are better for performance and for the environment

Technical luxury. And it's Natural.

We have been working for over ten years developing incredible wool and plant-based technical fabrics.

Our fabrics have been tested by adventurers in the most extreme environments on the planet, at home and everything in between, to ensure they will help you to go further in your adventures.

kora Bamboo: our skin friendly, UP-50+ protecting layers

kora Bamboo

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The pieces are a 90% bamboo with a touch of spandex to add stretch and comfort.

Check out our range of yak wool, merino wool and bamboo base layers

We know you will love wearing kora layers but don't just take our word for it, read customers' product reviews. What's more we are so confident we offer a 35 Day Guarantee.