Why layering is the best way to keep warm

As the saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad weather….only unsuitable clothing".

So how do you get your temperature right on your journey, expedition, trek or daily exercise?

Consider these pointers:

1. Start off cool - your body will soon create it’s own heat to warm you - there is nothing worse than being too hot

2. Dress in layers - then you can remove and replace them as weather conditions and activity levels change

3. Choose your fabric - select fibres that manage your moisture, insulate and protect you from the elements

So how do you choose the fabric of your activewear clothing correctly?

"When we layer clothing, what we’re doing is trying to change the conductive and convective heat-loss part of the equation. If I’m trying to go into a really cold environment I put on insulative layers because I’m trying to reduce the conductive heat loss. If I put on a windbreaker I’m trying to reduce convective heat loss"

Your base layer should also be breathable, and allow moisture to be transported away from your skin in order for you to stay dry and feel warmer.

And how can I layer, making sure I start off cool, and select the right fabric for my activity?

The simplest yet most critical reason to layer? You can remove layers and replace them as weather conditions and activity levels change.

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