Wearing wool in the summer

You know how much we love wool…especially yak wool! What you may not know is how wool is our first choice of fabric to wear against the skin throughout the summer to keep cool and comfortable and regulate our body temperature far better than any cotton or synthetic alternative.

It can be counter intuitive to think of wearing wool in the summer as this yarn is well known for keeping us warm, rather than keeping us cool. But for centuries communities have been doing just this, so we want to explain why wearing wool throughout the summer is the best choice you can make for your body and the environment. Our Neema and Yardang collections have been specifically designed as lightweight base layers and mid layers which are perfect for warmer climates and summer days outside. 

• Our yak and merino blends create the perfect yarn to effectively draw heat and moisture away from the skin, transferring body warmth outwards and allowing your skin to ‘breathe’.

• Using only the finest yak wool plus the softest merino ensures our lightweight clothing is between 160gsm to 240gsm, meaning there is no added bulk or heavy folds in fabric and clothing folds away in your bag or backpack easily.

• Wool is naturally odour resistant so you can wear our layers day in day out without washing and when you do need to give them a quick wash, our clothing dries super fast.

• Because our Neema fabric is so fine and does dry so fast, you can also wear under a wetsuit for extra comfort and protection.

• Our Neema fabric has enhanced wicking properties with the addition of recycled Coolmax® Eco which assists the fabrics quick dry properties.

• Wool fabrics are twice as effective at protecting your skin from UV rays than cotton fabrics.

• Our kora athletes and ambassadors who rigorously test our Hima-layer fabrics and have all been genuinely converted to wearing wool in the heat, especially for endurance events during high summer temperatures.

...in addition, all our fabrics are made using 90% biodegradable and 10% recycled materials. When you choose wool, you are protecting more than just your own body!

Our Neema lightweight base layers and wool mid layers are perfect for year-round use. kora fabrics help to regulate your temperature, keeping you cool when the temperature rises.