Kim Fuller - Runner and Yogi #findyouradventure

At kora, we are adventure seekers. We love to explore and travel - uncovering hidden gems as we go. In a world where a plane ticket can be bought so easily (and cheaply), it’s easy to push aside the adventures closer to home.

Who else has stumbled upon an amazing new hike, climbing spot or cycling route, right on their doorstep?

This month we’re exploring the meaning of adventure and what that looks like from person to person.We’ll be interviewing a series of our favourite adventurers to find out their hidden gems, top tips for exploring and more.

Do you dream of turning your hobby into a career? Kim Fuller, avid runner and yogi did just that. Having discovered a love for running back in college, Kim turned to yoga to support her training and is now the owner and editor-in-chief for the online global community Yoga + Life, based in Colorado.

We caught up with Kim to learn more about her journey into yoga and how the practise can support and strengthen an active lifestyle.

Tell us a little bit about your main passions, running and yoga, and how you got into them?

I got into running in college (in Boulder, at CU) when I was no longer playing my high school team sports and wanted to find an easy and inexpensive way to stay active. I fell in love with running as it eased my stress and worked my body in new ways, and it was always such a refreshing release to walk out the door and see where my body would take me on any given day. I started doing yoga as a way for me to complement my running, and the more I got into the practice the more I deeply enjoyed the mental and emotional benefits, along with the strength and stretching, of course. I now live in Vail, Colorado and teach yoga locally and mostly run on trails, but no matter where I go in the world I bring running and yoga with me.

How do you unwind after an event - do you have any rituals?

It depends on the event, but no matter what I enjoy grounding down at home. I usually try to exercise in the mornings, so after a work event or athletic endeavour, you can usually find me in the bath tub or on the couch with a book and a glass of wine.

You’re based in Vail but travel all over the world - do you have a favourite country that's ideal for what you like to do outside? 

Well, I love anywhere I can explore and play! Anywhere in Europe is usually fair game, especially in the mountains or near the ocean, and I lived in Scotland for a while so I always love going back there to visit. Five years ago, my husband and I hiked The West Highland Way in Scotland (sure wish I had some kora gear on that trek), and I would love to go back and do it on a bike or trail running!

Our new campaign is all about finding your adventures closer to home, have you discovered any hidden gems since lockdown? 

There is a trail right behind our home in West Vail called North Trail, and the segment I love is exactly a 10k loop with 1,000 feet of ascent then back down. It is the most beautiful and ideal trail for training and enjoying on foot and on a mountain bike. I love not having to get in the car, just lace up and go! 

A lot of us have discovered a new love for sports since lockdown, what advice would you have for someone wanting to take up a new activity for the first time? 

It can be intimidating to start a new activity, especially when you may be with people who are more experienced. Give it a try even when you’re nervous, and keep doing it! I LOVE having running and biking buddies to meet and keep me accountable for early morning starts. Joining a group or making plans to meet a friend is always a great way to be sure you get out there. Also, don't think about starting, just do it, and think about how great you will feel when you’re done! 

You can join Kim’s yoga community on the Yoga + Life Instagram, or her personal account.

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