Hiking clothes for men and women

In order to enjoy your hiking time outdoors it is important to have the best kit available. A good set of hiking clothes can transform your experience of the outdoors from good to great.

The kora design team has made base layers and mid layers for outdoor enthusiasts who understand the importance of staying warm and dry whilst hiking and who love to wear natural fibers against their skin. We understand that layering clothing will give you the best flexibility against changing weather conditions to keep you warmer in colder conditions and that is why all our collections are designed to work together. 

There is a huge variety of hiking clothes on the market and it can be hard to find those that best suit your needs. kora layers can help to solve this problem for you: high quality, technical, versatile and supremely comfortable hiking clothes for men and hiking clothes for women.

Things to consider when buying hiking clothes:

- Wear natural fibers next to your skin whenever possible.

- Choose fabrics that wick sweat away from the body to prevent a drop in body temperature.

- Choose clothes that are easy to fold up and stash in a backpack or pocket (such as our Yardang Hat).

- Use different layers with different sleeve lengths and neck types to provide versatility during your hike e.g. a short sleeved crew base layer and a long sleeve collared mid-layer. 

Our recommended hiking clothes for men:

Men's Stratam LS Sweater: an ideal hiking mid layer for men with feature phone pocket on the front to keep it out of the way of a backpack. Constructed to ensure exceptional breathability, moisture management properties and a comfortable fit.

Men's Yardang Jersey: brilliantly versatile to layer up or down, it fits snuggly over our base layers or can be layered under a heavier weight sweater for cooler days.

Men's Yushu Shorts: Our super soft yak and merino blend fabric feature a panel of corespun merino (a durable nylon yarn wrapped in the softest merino) to ensure extra strength where it is needed most. All seams are double stitched and ultra-flat to minimise rubbing potential.

Our recommended hiking clothes for women:

Women's Yushu Bottoms: Full length ultra-warm base layer leggings for wearing under waterproof trousers or even on their own.

Women's Neema SS Crew:  a versatile lightweight option for layering when hiking.

Women's Stratam LS Sweater: A long sleeved super-soft quarter zip sweater, designed as a second or mid-layer. It is nicely fitted and features a hidden phone pocket.

Why choose kora for your hiking clothes?

1. Warmth-to-weight ratio

kora layers are made from a combination of sustainable, premium yak and merino wools with a perfect warmth-to-weight ratio. Additionally, they are breathable and naturally wicking, so they don't need washing as often as synthetic clothing. They look great, too!

2. Comfort and warmth

We believe that comfort and warmth should be the priority when choosing gear. We have created hiking clothes for men and women that delivers on both without compromising on weight and breathability.

3. Variety

kora hiking clothes for men and hiking clothes for women offer the right combinations to make your next backpacking trip a comfortable and enjoyable one. There is a wide variety of colours and styles for both men and women.

kora hiking clothes are a great way to regulate your temperature. View our range of mens base layers, mens mid layerswomens base layers and womens mid layers.