Yushu merino wool base layers

Yushu LS Zip and Yardang hat

Yak and Merino Wool's Thermal Properties

Our proprietary yak and merino wool fabrics are the pinnacle of base layers.

By harnessing the natural properties in yak wool and combining with merino wool, our base layers offer exceptional warmth, breathability and all day comfort.

We created the world's first yak wool technical fabrics to bring a new level of comfort to outdoor adventurers: supreme warmth when you need it, temperature regulation to prevent overheating and natural moisture management.

Our warmest base layers: 60% premium yak wool, 40% supersoft merino

Our lightweight base layers: 40% supersoft merino, 20% premium yak wool


Our Yushu collection of yak and merino wool base layers is the result of many years' work. Constructed of 60% Yak and 40% Merino wool to increase durability, the collection features completely flat yet ultra-strong seams.

The Neema collection is our newest collection of lightweight base layers and activewear. It's merino wool combined with yak wool and Coolmax® Eco; a perfect blend to wear all year round.

Yushu and Neema offer the ideal first layer solution to pair with one of our mens mid layer tops and womens mid layer tops.

When you need a base layer, make sure it’s a Hima-Layer™.

Shola - the World's first and only yak wool performance layers

We believe we have made the best base layers

Born in the Himalayas

The secrets of the yak’s woolly warmth lay in their high-altitude habitat. These hardy beasts have evolved their super-wool in order to withstand the cold at altitudes of 4,000-6,000 meters and the harsh winter months.

Engineering their fine wool into exclusive technical fabrics, our range offers outdoor adventurers an unsurpassed level of comfort next to the skin.

Natural base layers

Natural wool base layers are better for performance and for the environment

Technical luxury. And it's Natural.

We have been working for over ten years to develop this incredible wool into the most comfortable technical fabrics.

Our fabrics have been tested by adventurers in the most extreme environments on the planet, at home and everything in between, to ensure they will help you to go further in your adventures.

The Yushu Collection: our warmest featuring high yak wool content

The Yushu Collection

View all of the pieces from our new yak and merino wool base layers, the Yushu Collection.

The pieces are a 60% yak wool and 40% merino blend, using corespun merino in high-wear areas for added durability.

The Neema Collection: soft and lightweight for year round use

The Neema Collection

Our new exclusive and innovative lightweight base layer fabric that takes yak wool to a new level when it comes to temperature regulation.

By combining merino and yak wools with Coolmax® Eco, Neema helps to keep you warm when it's cold and cool when the temperature rises.

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We know you will love wearing kora wool base layers but don't just take our word for it, read customers' product reviews. What's more we are so confident we offer a 35 Day Guarantee.