What motivates us

kora was created to be a force of positive change for the Tibetan nomadic communities which supply our yak wool. Every day we strive to make exceptional outdoor clothing so our customers can go further.

Our wool is ethically sourced

Our wool comes from yaks raised by nomadic Tibetan herders on the Himalayan Plateau.  Each spring, the yaks begin to lose their soft wool underlayer for the summer.  In a process that is painless for the animals, the herders collect the loose wool and bring it to market.

Our Tibetan partners

We’ve teamed up with the Kegawa Herders’ Cooperative, a collective of more than 90 families in the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The families live at, or above, 4,500m altitude year round. We buy their wool at a set mid-market rate throughout the buying season in order to offer them price certainty, and in addition we pay a stipend of 10%. To access wool from areas beyond our reach, we use a network of local agents on the plateau. But our goal is to buy all our wool directly from herder cooperatives. As our wool needs grow so we look to find new families and new cooperatives to partner with. It is vital to connect and work directly with our Tibetan partners; our founder Michael makes frequent trips to the Tibetan plateau and to our partner factories that make our clothes.

Support Himalayan culture; Protect the environment of the Himalayas

Even the most inaccessible mountain pass can be reached by taking small steps. With every wool purchase we make, every product we craft and every item our customers buy, we support the nomad families who supply us. The more we grow, the more nomad communities we’re able to partner with. Our goal is to provide opportunities for revenue generation so that they may continue to thrive on the Tibetan plateau. We believe that together with our partners - the nomad communities, and you, our customers - can make a real difference to the protection of the Himalayan plateau. It’s this that drives us, every day, to make the world’s best outdoor clothing.

Every kora piece supports Tibetan nomad families

When you buy a piece of kora clothing, you contribute directly to nomadic Tibetan families, helping them to earn vital revenue that supports their life on the grasslands of the Himalayan plateau.