Azog Cycling Jersey

Built for multi-day rides on and off road, the Azog Cycling Jersey is ideal for long days in the saddle and bike-packing adventures. It comes with deeper pockets than a typical cycle jersey. It is made with our Hima-Layer Stratam 350 fabric for exceptional warmth-for-weight and moisture management. We have...
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The yak wool’s warmth and ability to endure day-after-day wear with fluctuating temperatures makes it a must. It also remains a fabric that is my base layer on most days just ‘living’ here in Shangri-La.

Jeff Fuchs


Our unique yak wool fabrics development programme

The Hima-Layer Difference


Yaks live comfortably at 16,000 feet in the freezing-cold Himalayas—kept warm by their natural coat of wool. The secret to yak wool’s incredible warmth-for-weight is that the fibre is hollow, trapping more air next to the body. This is why Kora’s Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric is warmer, weight-for-weight, than traditional merino fabrics - up to 40% warmer. Move aside, Sheep.


Yak wool is softer than soft—making it the ideal baselayer and midlayer material. Aside from our unique performance fabrics, yak wool more frequently used as an alternative to cashmere. Whether you’re embarking on a long, challenging day in the mountains, cruising the streets, or lounging at home, Kora’s Hima-Layer fabrics offer supreme comfort.


Thanks to yak wool’s hollow shape, and the inherent strength of the fibre, we are able to knit fabrics looser while maintaining the fabric’s durability. Air and water vapour escapes more easily between the knits, allowing the body to breathe more efficiently.

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Yaks evolved in the harshest conditions on the planet with a fine, thick, durable, coat to insulate and protect them. Humans did not.

“An understated and extremely cosy jersey that is a great winter/spring addition to any cycling wardrobe”