Our design team are always working on new fabrics, features and products and kora labs is where we list our latest innovations. We hope you’ll love the limited edition pieces that kora labs enables us to produce.

Our first products were made from 100% yak wool, then we developed blends with merino wool and other specialist ingredients, all of which do a specific job.

  • Yak wool offers breathability and unrivalled warmth-for-weight.

  • Merino helps to make our clothing softer and more robust.

  • Dupont Sorona and Polartec Alpha offer a soft outer shell for our mid layers.

In kora labs we have been working with other fabrics such as bamboo, hemp and cotton in order to offer more relevant pieces to customer partaking in a wide range of different activities.

  • Bamboo

  • Hemp

  • Cotton

New from kora labs

Look out for the kora labs icon

When you see the kora labs icon you know you’re looking at a limited piece which may not be restocked in it’s exact style or colour again.

If you like it order it so you don’t miss out.

Get involved

kora labs is all about ideas

Do you have something you would like us to work on? It might be a specific colour, style or product feature that you feel would help you on your activities. If so let us know and we’ll look into it.